Prospect Card - Healthy Home

Prospect Card - Healthy Home
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Indoor Air Quality Tests are one of the most effective FreshAir sales aids!
This 6" x 4" card is designed to have prospects call you for a Indoor Air Quality Test Kit.
Each Test Kit contains 1 Pre-treated Petri Dish, 1 Bottle of Nutrient Solution, and
1 Test Kit Direction Card (sold separately, see Healthy Home Check Up Kit).
Test Kit is designed to detect mold and bacteria/viruses with results in 48 to 72 hours.
Hand them out, mail them, post them in businesses, etc and have prospects calling you.
Eye-catching and informative design!
Blank area included on the front to easily add your contact information.

Front Includes:
Healthy Home Indoor Air Quality Test Kit Offer

Back Includes:
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Information
Indoor contaminant information
Potential negative repercussions of indoor contaminants and poor IAQ
FreshAir Technology information/benefits
FreshAir Technology before and after test results

Once a prospect contacts you, you can:
• Offer them a do-it-yourself Healthy Home Test Kit to conduct themselves
• Offer your services as a Certified Air Coach and conduct the Air Quality Test yourself
You will then follow up in 48-72 hours to get results and offer solutions with FreshAir.

Click here to learn more about the Healthy Home Check Up Program on
National Field Leader Mike Jackson's Success Coaching Blog.

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