Prospects / Retailing Book Combo

Prospects / Retailing Book Combo
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Two must-have books written by Vollara National Field Leader Mike Jackson.

"Guaranteed Prospects" Book:
A No-nonsense Guide to Finding Customers
Foreward by Mitchell Tolle
Home-based Businesses are Thriving in America!
You can be there for your child's first step, attend every little-league game,
live debt-free and be financially independent. Mike Jackson found a way out
of poverty for himself and his young family over a quarter century ago.
Also hear from today's best, like Jon Bender, Greg Montoya, Tom Lozano,
Cadle McEachin and many more.
This book can help you find customers from home.

"Guaranteed Retailing" Book:
The Ultimate Book on Selling
Forward by Mitchell Tolle
From Chapter One on "The Promise" to Chapter Fourteen on "Use What You Have".
You won't want to put this book down!
A simple, easy read for beginners to veteran sales gurus.

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