Healthy Home Profit Package

Healthy Home Profit Package
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The FreshAir Healthy Home Profit Pack compiles all the best tools to conduct your FreshAir Healthy Home Showcases in one simple kit at a price that is less than a Living Proof alone.

FreshAir Surround is made up of 5 separate strategies that produce 3 specific benefits:
• Particle removal at 200 times faster than not having the system installed.
• Reduction and removal of all odors quickly.
• Sanitization of microorganisms like mold, bacteria and viruses on surfaces.
The FreshAir Profit Pack effectively demonstrates each benefit in just 10 minutes.

Pack Includes:

• FreshAir Living Proof
An easy-to-use tool to demonstrate how the FreshAir Technology works to clean the air and reduce contaminants on surfaces.

• FreshAir Demo Card 25pk
You can't take the FreshAir with you everywhere, but you can take these FreshAir Demo Cards with you anywhere! Share the power of our FreshAir with everyone you meet with these demo cards.

• Proof Book 10pk
An ideal business tool for validation.

• Healthy Home Showcase Sample Script
Six key points to a Healthy Home Showcase.

• Event Registration Form
A Vollara meeting sign-in sheet to collect your attendees' contact information.

• FreshAir Market Survey Questionnaire
A 12-item questionnaire to assess attendees' interests and potential needs.

• FreshAir Recipe Sheet
A list of 7 Recipes and 3 Quick n' Fun Tests for your qualified field testers to try during their evaluation of the FreshAir.

• Company Photos
Photos of Corporate Office in Dallas, TX and the Manufacturing Facility in Bristol, VA.

• Letters of Endorsement
12 product testimonial letters.

Note: You will also need to have ammonia and paper towels, which should be purchased separately.
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