Anti-Aging News Newspaper

Anti-Aging News Newspaper
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Full-color, two-sided 11" x 17" mini Newspaper promoting the benefits of LivingWater, including hydration and weight loss information.
Perfect for your first contact or validation after the presentation.
Comes personalized with your contact information.

Front Includes:
• Benefits of Optimal Hydration
• Water Facts
• Talicuran Family Testimonial
• Water Content of Foods We Eat Regularly
• Money Down The Drain
• Problems with Bottled Water
• Did You Know? / Health Tip

Back Includes:
• Hydration Improves Weight Loss
• 3 Simple Ways to Test for Dehydration
• 4 Reasons to Drink LivingWater
• Benefits of Optimal Hydration and Correct Internal pH Balance
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