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Newsletter - Healthy Living Solutions
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A 6-month or 12-month subscription to your own 4-page Personalized
Vollara Product-focused E-Newsletter!
Newsletters are a vital tool for building a big Vollara business.
At the beginning of each month you will receive your new newsletter loaded
with powerful information promoting Vollara's lineup of Healthy Living Products
via email so you can distribute it to all of your contacts.
Great for customers, partners, etc.

The Top Ten Benefits of a Company Newsletter:
1. Enhances your reputation and increases lead generation.
2. Increases the lifetime value of your clients.
3. A very cost-efficient and cost-effective communication channel with your clients.
4. Leverages your marketing efforts.
5. Provides instantaneous trackable results.
6. Opens the opportunity for your clients to easily and immediately interact with
you and for you to promote dialog with your clients.
7. Provides a higher response rate because it is being sent to a more receptive audience.
8. Much more cost-efficient because of the significant savings in time, printing and
mailing costs.
9. Can serve as a positive reinforcement to the media.
10. Quickly identifies undeliverables so an effort can be made to correct and resend them.

Having a subscriber list of your business relationships is a very valuable asset for
your business. There are many opportunities to build your newsletter contact list.
Here are a few:
1. When you interview a prospect that does not move forward, ask them "Is it ok to
keep you on my mailing list? As you see my business move forward, you may meet somebody
that would love an extra $500 a week. I would be pleased to send you a referral fee!"
2. Ask guests at Healthy Home Showcases for their email and permission to put them
on your mailing list.
3. Keep a list of all customers, wholesale and retail. Get their emails and permission.
4. Run specials each month of your choice. Example: we match any competitors cents-off
coupons on supplements. Send these specials with your newsletter attached.
5. When you give an interview and that person is in the romance stage, send them
your newsletters systematically. Example: start with one you really like from a few
months ago, then in a couple days send the next. This is called Chinese Water Torture
and has brought in many leaders.
6. Send to friends and relatives. Tell them you are excited about your future and
want to keep them updated on your progress.
7. For an additional set-up fee, our editors can personalize even more with
Distributor Team Recognition, Specials, Personal Upcoming Events, etc.

Each newsletter includes your personal photo and bio as well as your contact information! Please provide us with your contact information in the option boxes below, and
Please limit your bio to 200 words or less.

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