Simple Truths About Living Water DVD

Simple Truths About Living Water DVD
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Join Richard Cohen, MD, as he explores the science of ionized water
and its role in today's health and longevity.
The DVD introduces the benefits of ancestral, glacier water and
how it is similar to restructured, ionized, alkaline LivingWater.
Great to use at your Water Clinics.

This 30 Minute DVD covers the following topics:
Water is the Essence of Life
Characteristics of Ionized Water
Health Care Crisis and New Wellness Paradigm
Hydration and Alkaline Balance
... and more!

Dr. Cohen discusses the many benefits of drinking restructured, ionized, alkaline water.
Basic truths about today's water options and their environmental impact,
how chronic dehydration and build up of metabolic acid wastes are the underlying
causes of the majority of today's diseases.

Step 1: Educate Yourself!
Combine with the Magazine Vital Waters for two comprehensive
tools to educate yourself and your prospects with.
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