Vital Waters Marketing Kit

Vital Waters Marketing Kit
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This marketing kit contains one copy of each tool you need to start your
Vollara water business. Every new Vollara Independent Business Owner
needs to keep at least a few of these kits to demonstrate to your
business-building prospects that you are serious, and that professional
tools are available to build their business.

Keep a few of these on hand. Why? So you can get a new distributor started immediately!
They can learn everything they need to know about the science behind restructured,
ionized, alkaline water and have informational brochures to give to prospects.


1- Vital Waters Magazine
1- Optimizing LivingWater User Guide
1- Not All Water Is Created Equal Product Brochure
4- Brochures (1 of each title)
1- DVD Simple Truths About Living Water
1- Presentation Folder
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