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Inspiration Special
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Modern Day Indiana Jones loves Chicken Soup!
Mike Jackson has taught the importance of thinking right for over 30 years. Even the best product, business plan and leader will fail with the wrong mindset.

At age 15 John Goddard (Key Note Speaker in Kansas City) set over 150 written goals. John has spent his life in pursuit of his goals which has taken him to the highest mountain peaks, near outer space in fighter jets, to near death adventures over and over and to national fame. You will be challenged to make your own life an adventure as you read through "The Survivor".

The famous Chicken Soup series of books have inspired millions worldwide. Now we have our own Chicken Soup series for the Home Based Business leader. You will be proud to read about Vollara leaders like Shar Weinrauch and Mike and Nata Jackson, to name a few, as well as success stories from other Home Businesses!
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