Drop Box - Indoor Air Quality Test

Drop Box - Indoor Air Quality Test
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A full-color Drop Box offering a free mold and bacteria test.
Comes with a 50 sheet 5" x 3" Registration Pad.
FreshAir Demo Card included in place of Header pictured.

Indoor Air Quality Tests are one of FreshAir's most effective sales aids.
Tests are designed to detect mold and bacteria/viruses.
Results in 48 to 72 hours.

Placement Suggestions:
The alluring full-color Drop Box is perfect for any where people 'wait', such as
your local pizza place, prescription pick-up area, beauty salons, auto centers,
doctor offices, child care centers... anywhere people sit and breathe.
It's also great to have out on the table at a tradeshow to easily gather prospects'
contact information and set yourself apart from the crowd.
No matter where you leave this eye-catching box, prospects will want to register
for a free mold and bacteria test!

Once a prospect contacts you, you can:
• Offer them a do-it-yourself Healthy Home Test Kit to conduct themselves
• Offer your services as a Certified Air Coach and conduct the Air Quality Test yourself
You will then follow up in 48-72 hours to get results and offer solutions with FreshAir.

In Vollara National Field Leader Mike Jackson's book, "Guaranteed Prospects",
he highly recommends the use of the Drop Box; a proven method for sorting prospects
and finding gold! If you have not read "Guaranteed Prospects", order one today.
It not only outlines the most efficient way to use the drop box, it's also filled with many
other proven methods and specific suggestions from many of our top-ranking managers!

Also click here to learn more about the Healthy Home Check Up Program on
National Field Leader Mike Jackson's Success Coaching Blog.

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